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Drop point backpacker


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 This blade was designed with the outdoorsman in mind. It’s sturdy construction lends itself to being used and abused in the backcountry. The blade itself is 1095  hand sanded to a satin finish, with forged finish flats. The handle material is stabilized maple burl with polished brass pins. The handle highly polished and sealed to be completely resistant to moisture. It fits comfortably in the hand, and the handle is contoured to be held firmly in a tight grip. The entire tang and spine areas are mirror polished for maximum corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning. Coming in at 147 grams, this blade has a comforting weight to it, but is still nimble enough to not even notice it’s on your belt. The sheath is dragon skin, ethically sourced. It has properties quite similar to veg tanned heavy gauge leather. The dragon skin has been treated with neatsfoot oil. The sheath is made to be worn on the right side of one’s person and drawn with the right hand, but left handed sheaths are available at no additional cost.