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Bowie Knife


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Hand forged and handmade by hand and hammer Bowie Knife! Made from 80crv2 high carbon steel. Blade is 7” and overall 11” long. 

I hand forge all my blades by hand and I’m very detail oriented I want the best blade and product imaginable for my customers that you can own this knife and use it for a lifetime. 

This is a Bowie knife it doesn’t have a sheath currently made for it. some people don’t want one or want to make there own. For additional $50 I can make a custom leather sheath for this knife. As is, the knife is ready to ship when you buy it, unless you purchase a leather sheath in which it will take a about a week or less to make. If you want to see video of this knife and watch it cut you can follow me on Instagram at @scorpio_knives