How It Works

As A Seller
      Pre Sale

    • First you will submit for a membership to the Shokunin Collaborative. You do this via the Membership Request.
    • Once your membership is approve you will be invited to creat a vendor account.
    • After you have created your vendor account you will upload your products and submit them for approval by the SC admin. During the product upload you will select the necessary tags for your product as well as setting up your shipping terms.
    • The Shokunin Collaborative will review the product submissions for completeness prior to publishing on the site.
    • Once published on the site your product is officially up for sale on the Shokunin Collaborative.

      Post Sale

    • After your product is published to the site, users can purchase them through the site.
    • At the time of purchase the product will be removed from the site and payment will be processed immediatly.
    • As we are setup as a vendor site where you are posting and selling your product, you as the seller are responsible for shipping your product out in a timely manner.
    • If the buyer contacts SC with any questions we will answer what we can, but will relay the questions to you the seller if necessary.
    • Once the product is shipped you will update the order so we can close it out completely.

As A Buyer
  • Purchasing is the same as any other site. You will create an account and go through the purchase as usual.
  • Your order will be processed and sent to the vendor for shipment.
  • For any questions you can contact us as Shokunin Collaborative and we will answer what we can and refer any direct questions to the vendor that would be specific to the product purchased.