Who We Are

Here at Shokunin Collaborative we are a Maker and a Collector who came together to answer the question "How do we get more quality knives in peoples hands". While there are lots of websites that sell knives, we wanted to create a place where quality is valued above quantity. Where makers feel proud to sell and our customers feel confident in what they're buying. We hope to create long lasting relationships, where like-minded individuals can showcase their unique talent.  

Shokunin Collaborative is a website created for quality makers to come together and sell their creations. It's for customers to have a place to shop and feel confident knowing they have access to quality goods. We want to encourage a sense of community amongst our vendors, helping each other to thrive and learn. Message boards, forums, events and community outreach are things we will be implementing for our makers. 

Giving back to our communities by donating to and working with local and national charities is a major aspect of who we are. Go to our Giving Back section to view our stories and see the work we are doing to help support those in need.