As A Seller

    Pre Sale
  • First you will submit for a membership to the Shokunin Collaborative. You do this via the Membership Request.
  • Once your membership is approve you will be invited to creat a vendor account.
  • After you have created your vendor account you will upload your porducts and submit them for approval by the SC admin. During the product upload you will select the necessary tags for your product as well as setting up your shipping terms.
  • The Shokunin Collaborative will review the product submissions for completeness prior to publishing on the site.
  • Once published on the site your product is officially up for sale on the Shokunin Collaborative.

  • Post Sale
  • After your product is published to the site, users can purchase them through the site.
  • At the time of purchase the product will be removed from the site and payment will be processed immediatly.
  • As we are setup as a vendor site where you are posting and selling your product, you as the seller are responsible for shipping your product out in a timely manner.
  • If the buyer contacts SC with any questions we will answer what we can, but will relay the questions to you the seller if necessary.
  • Once the product is shipped you will update the order so we can close it out completely.

As A Buyer

  • Purchasing is the same as any other site. You will create an account and go through the purchase as usual.
  • Your order will be processed and sent to the vendor for shipment.
  • For any questions you can contact us as Shokunin Collaborative and we will answer what we can and refer any direct questions to the vendor that would be specific to the product purchased.

Who can request to be a member?

Any artisan, craftsman or creator who is interested in selling their own goods on Shokunin Collaborative is welcome to apply. We are trying to create a community of Makers here and so we request that these goods be handmade and/or handcrafted.

What type of goods can be sold?

Currently we are focusing on knives and other metal pieces, leather goods, wood crafts, jewelry and other accessories. But if your craft is outside of those categories, we recommend you still apply and we will do our best to work with you.

Can I resell items I have purchased from another maker?

Shokunin Collaborative is not a resale site, we are focused on promoting the maker of the items themselves. This is set up this way because we want to have full confidence and communication with the person who created the items being sold. This helps ensure less issues with customer purchases, returns, defective goods, etc.

Why should I sign up to sell my goods with Shokunin Collaborative?

In short, our goal is to promote makers and strengthen the creative handmade community as a whole. We are looking to encourage people to work, learn and train with one another and to continue the art of creating unique pieces. While selling items is definitely one of our focuses, our scope of goals is much larger. A sizeable portion of the proceeds of item sales will be going right back into the community, we will be hosting events, classes, trainings and co-hosted events with charities.

Why should I buy something from Shokunin Collaborative?

Here at Shokunin Collaborative, we pride ourselves on the skill and passion of our Makers and their goods. We vet all of our members to ensure you are being offered great quality items. By purchasing items on our website you are also supporting the creative community of craftsman, artisans and creators.

How quickly will my item ship and what shipping method is available?

Each Maker on Shokunin Collaborative sets their own shipping terms, however we do ask that they try to ship each item out within 3-5 business days. You should also receive a tracking number for your item once it ships. Currently Standard Shipping (2-6 days) is the only option available, the vendor chooses the carrier. If you are having issues with shipping please contact us directly at info@shokunincollaborative.com and we will work with you to resolve it.

What is the return policy for items purchased on Shokunin Collaborative?

Each vendor on Shokunin Collaborative is responsible for their own return/exchange policy. Please make sure to read their policy before purchasing. If you are buying apparel or items directly from Shokunin Collaborative, you can view our return/exchange policy at the bottom of our page.